Local & International Competence

Khansaheb is a partnership that combines an established Emirati family business with Interserve, a British international construction and support services business. This partnership has created a business culture built on the highest levels of integrity with a fair & reasonable approach.

This partnership has enabled Khansaheb to become one of the leading facilities management companies in the UAE, providing whole life sustainable facilities management solutions for a wide range of clientele across the country.

Our customers value the open, honest and reasonable approach that Khansaheb brings to the UAE facilities management industry.

Visible Felt Leadership

Khansaheb is a company of great strength that has had the privilege to play a key role in the development of the UAE and some of its most important projects over the past 85 years.

We credit our longevity and strength to a consistent approach to the management of our business. Instrumental to this is our executive leadership team which sets the strategic direction of the company, supports our passion for continual innovation, and our drive to meet the needs of our customers, partners and supply chain.

This forward looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced professionals.


Khansaheb FM’s approach has always been Client-Centric. We emphasise on the needs of our client and their environment, understand their pain points and address them by Partnering with them and cous on providing optimum solutions for their needs.

The strongest source of our inspiration has always been the trust our clients have placed in us over the years. A trust that we value more than any other asset.

We provide a high level of service reliability based on our vast experience with large facilities management contracts. This is why we boast of retaining our clients for a longer period of time and hold the reputation of delivering bespoke, integrated facilities management solutions to the country’s most iconic landmarks.

Expertise & Innovation

We have a clear understanding of the processes that support quality management and project delivery, and we recognize that they are only valid if we put into place the appropriately skilled and tested resources and components.

Our business relies upon satisfied customers who are willing to be our advocates, and we work tirelessly to develop relationships that are open, honest and backed by a responsive and flexible attitude. Our team always take a very proactive approach to finding solutions and solving problems.

Our services are delivered in a systematic way in order to achieve clearly defined Service Level Agreements, measured by Key Performance Indicators within the framework of a reliable Performance Management System.

Award Winning Training

At Khansaheb FM we make significant investments towards training and skills development of our staff. We have a culture of learning and growth which is aligned with the personal KPIs and objectives of each employee. Training requirements of staff and operatives are assessed periodically and supported through planned training programs and modules.

Our award-winning training and development programs delivered through our dedicated training academies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai ensure that our people are appropriately oriented with the site requirements and his or her role to support the service delivery. Every operative also undergoes refresher training every two years to ensure consistency across our workforce.


Our innovative approach and commitment to customer happiness has received various endorsements within the industry over the years. Our awards are recognition from notable publications and local and international bodies for our exceptional performance and high standards of delivery.

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Health & Safety

Khansaheb's first priority is to ensure that we send all our people home safely each night. We work hard at getting it right, and have developed standards and management intervention processes to raise our performance to the highest level in the industry.

We invest heavily in training to ensure consistently high standards across our business, focussing on logistics, planning and preparation as well as working safely and productively.

In short we believe that a well organised safe & tidy site is a productive site and this benefits all working on it.

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Culture & Integrity

The successful business relationships that we form with our customers and supply chain are a result of the culture of respect and integrity that runs through all our employees and the services we provide.

We value the long term relationships that we build through openness and honesty, and believe this is the reason why our customers keep coming back to us.

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SustainAbilities is Khansaheb's plan to address the mounting environmental issues, social challenges and economic pressures that are rapidly changing the business landscape in the UAE.

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One Khansaheb

“One Khansaheb” is our way of describing the diverse range of self‑delivered services across a range of project types, and under a common set of values, principles, culture and attitudes.

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Employee Welfare

We are committed to the welfare of our employees and we thoroughly believe that our business benefits from the care and attention that we pay to it.

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