Khansaheb Facilities Management operates a self delivery business model supported by an established supply chain to deliver cost effective robust services to our clients, customers and stakeholders.

We provide a 24 hours, 7 days a week helpdesk facility and teams of in-house technicians, cleaners, and support services operatives to deliver a broad range of services tailored to individual clients' needs and requirements.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced in servicing and maintaining air-conditioning, plumbing and building services including electrical systems and the building fabric.

Our cleaning operatives provide best practice cleaning solutions with experienced teams trained in efficient systems using non-harmful, environmentally friendly, enzyme-based products, microfiber techniques and mechanical/electrical appliances.

We have a large team of experienced in-house supervisors, team leaders, and technicians who are extensively trained in maintenance, fault finding, repair and customer service. We self-deliver both the planned and reactive elements of the service with our service delivery partners only providing maintenance for specialised systems. Our technical services are divided into three main categories those being planned maintenance, corrective maintenance and reactive maintenance. We act responsibly by working safely, with consideration for those affected by our operations, and approach opportunities and problems with an attitude that says, ‘I can do something about this’.

Our Technical Services capabilities includes:‚Äč

- Electrical - Energy Management
- Plumbing - Water Treatment
- HVAC - Pest Control
- Carpentry - Swimming Pool Maintenance
- Masonry - Specialist System Maintenance
- Helpdesk  


We ensure that soft services are managed and delivered using safe working practices, to the required service standard, at the right time. We tailor our services to ensure they meet your expectations and help you meet your business deliverables and deadlines. We provide a best fit facilities management solution, that provides best value and is continuously benchmarked to drive improvement and delivered to agreed service levels, ensuring our customers always receive the most appropriate and professionally delivered services.

Our Soft Services capabilities includes:

- Cleaning - Stock & Supplies Management
- Concierge & Reception - Mailroom services
- Office Assistant - Waste Management
- Landscaping - Water Tank Cleaning
- Specialised Training for Healthcare  

Underpinning our operations, client satisfaction is a key priority and focus for our teams at all levels. We offer a range of managed services catering to the tailored needs of the client by providing FM consulting, QHSE services, waste and energy management, and stock and supplies management. Based on our expertise in a variety of commercial, high-end retail and mixed developments, we are capable of providing the required energy management and waste management expertise within the sustainability realm. With the help of our trusted sub-contractors, we also provide integrated FM solutions.

Our Soft services list includes:

- Energy management - Integrated FM, Helpdesk
- Cleaning - Outsourced: Landscaping
- Waste management - Lifeguard
1200 + direct employees 50,000+ helpdesk calls per annum
4.5M injury free manhours and counting Currently maintaining 15,000+ buildings across the UAE